Welcome to Shaolingungfu.org, a site dedicated to Sifu Shahrokh Nael’s lifelong exploration of the classical fighting arts. This interactive archive has been created not only to act as a hub for Sifu’s direct students, allowing them to maintain close contact with him and to keep abreast of the latest developments in his research and practice but also document Sifu’s ongoing theoretical, historical and practical examination of a variety of traditional martial arts.




Having embarked upon a lifelong journey into the world of classical martial arts at the age of 13 in his native Iran, Sifu has to date accumulated over 40 years of experience within this limitless field of exploration. During this time he has trained extensively with highly skilled teachers in the Japanese, Korean and Chinese traditions – providing him with a comprehensive understanding of the closely related but technically distinct approaches of different cultures.

In 2016, Sifu consolidated 40 years of meticulous research and rigorous practice into a comprehensive training programme, titled:

“Foundation Studies in Shaolin Kung Fu training and practices- 九方法拳 (Jiǔ fāngfǎ quán) – Nine Methods Fist”



He subsequently began conveying the knowledge encoded within this system to his close and direct students, affectionately referred to as “The First Generation”. This programme was devised not just with the intention of nurturing skilled martial artists, but impassioned theorists committed to developing their own distinctive approach to the arts they encountered. By December 2018, after two years of dedicated training, all of his students had successfully completed the programme, graduating with a high level of competency. Sifu’s students have since gone on to fulfil his expectations – each studying independently in order to cultivate their own unique method of training.




Having established Manchester South Central Kung Fu School in 1989, Sifu has been training like-minded enthusiasts for many years, and throughout the course of his tenure as a teacher he has had the pleasure of imparting these skills to students of all ages and cultural backgrounds. He emphasises quality over quantity and strives to transmit the depth of his knowledge to those practitioners who display the commitment to fully appreciate these profound teachings.




Sifu accepts only those applicants who are highly motivated and can fully commit to their studies. The training sessions are traditional and conducted in a small group. If you are interested in beginning training with Sifu, please visit Prospective Students page on Manchester South Central school’s website. Upon acceptance, it is essential that each student engages in a preliminary conversation with Sifu to determine their individual route within the training programme, so that a distinct path to progress can be established. 




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